What's happening at Shawfair?

Danderhall Primary School pupils learn about building site dangers from Shawfair and JSL Services

Warning signs created by Danderhall Primary School pupils will soon be displayed on fencing around the nearby Shawfair housing development after the firm responsible for its security launched a competition to raise awareness of building site safety. Every child at the primary school in Danderhall has watched JSL Services recommended 10-minute YouTube video to discourage children from entering construction sites by showing the many dangers that exist in them, often hidden; including falling materials and trip hazards. The children were then tasked with designing a warning board using the information from the video.

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JSL - Fly Tipping & Anti-Social Behaviour Reporting

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As a result of the construction of the Stewart Milne Homes’ development, the public right of way has been temporarily diverted.

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Construction Update: March 2021

Road construction, landscaping and tree planting to restart.

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Construction Update: February 2021

Works commencing at Shawfair in February 2021.

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